Hilmi; a unique seafood restaurant with delicious tastes and different herbs in Fethiye Fish Market

About Us

Hilmi Seafood Restaurant is a place where you’ll find peace, happiness and flavor with a unique harmony of blue and white. Our restaurant has opened in 2004 as a family business in Fethiye fish market. We ma every effort with our trained and friendly staff  for our guests to spend a fabulous day and leave with the good moments.

Fethiye fish market; formerly a market place where local artisans sell their own produced products. 10 years ago, after the restoration  it has become a pleasant stop of unique flavors. Fish Market managed to preserve the texture of the old concept. A fish stand will be presented the moment you enter through the door. You choose your fresh seafood from those rich fish stands and after that moment our speciality begins. We cook your choice as grilled, fried on pan or on wood-fire with pleasure and serve you with the Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine appetizers, salads. Then we add “fasil” (Turkish Classical Music) to all of these because we know that friendly meals finds life with songs sung in unison.

If want to smell this unique atmosphere, come, visit us for once and you decide the rest.